QUEEN AYACODOBAE will fill your heart, mind, body and soul with her...

QUEEN AYACODOBAE was invited to China to participate in the Third Chinese World Music Conference...

QUEEN AYACODOBAE, using the rare essence of her total being, this spectacular artists...

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QUEEN AYACODOBAE RAMKISSOON is the Executive Director/Founder of Earth Blessings, Inc. and Head of Pedagogy. QUEEN is also an educational consultant, speaker, philanthropist, actress, teacher, composer, dancer, poetess, artist, nutritionist, musician, wife and mother. She is an international traveler who specializes in cultural, educational, vocational awareness programs with emphasis on youth and the physically challenged. She conducts seminars for community groups, government agencies, corporations, colleges, and universities, within the United States and abroad.


QUEEN has performed solo and with EARTH BLESSINGS ROYAL COURT ORCHESTRA at many venues, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Breakfast Television in Toronto, Canada, DuSable Museum in Chicago, IL, Weekendz Nightclub in Jamaica, and Southeastern University in Washington, DC. She has also performed at the New World Hong Kong International Hotel for the Hong Kong Independence Celebration and participated in the 3rd Annual Music Conference in Beijing, China.


In her quest for peace and justice, QUEEN has addressed various leaders and organizations such as the United States Naval Academy, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Institute of Human Virology - AIDS Administration, Seaman & Waterfront Workers Trade Union in Trinidad, West Indies, and the Spanish Reef Hotel in Cayman Islands. QUEEN AYACODOBAE conducts the following educational and informational awareness workshops:

• Operation Bootstraps – Academic Remotivational Training for Disruptive Youth
• Parents Unified For Children’s Sake
• Love Yourself Some More
• Plant The Seed, Don’t Eat It
• Holistic Healing and Family Lifestyles
• Tone Therapy
• Be Your Own Boss
• How To Stop Violence In The Workplace
• Upward Mobility For Everybody and Everybody’s Child

Radio Personality

QUEEN produced and hosted the Holistic Healing and Family Lifestyles Radio Show. The one-hour show, which aired every during drive-time weekday on WYRE AM in Annapolis, MD for 13 months, sought to promote vibrant health in the home, school and community. QUEEN and her sons provided information and resources using comedy and music to help maintain good mental, physical and spiritual hygiene.


QUEEN founded Earth Blessings Inc in which she develops extensive training packages for Instructional technology such as Self empowerment/Self reliance, holistic healing, and effective parenting techniques. She has created and implemented programs such as the Three-Way Handshake© and Upward Mobility for Everybody and Everybody’s Child©.


QUEEN has helped thousands of people learn more about their mind and bodies. Her relentless dedication to our community has transcended into the programs, curriculum, music and poetry she presents. She has designed and implemented many academic programs geared to youth, youth incentives, elderly care methods and standards, help the homeless projects and health, educational and cultural awareness.


QUEEN’s commitment to her family has created a legacy any mother would be proud of. She homeschooled both her sons. Her eldest son, Darius Stanton was featured in 50th Anniversary Ebony Magazine as one of the 50 Leaders of Tomorrow. As Vice President of Holistic Healing, Inc., he travels the U.S. implementing community empowerment programs, and conducts seminars for teenagers on HIV/AIDS awareness training, Controlled Dangerous Substance Abuse and Prevention, Self-Esteem and Motivation, and Responsibilities for Young Fathers. Darius formerly served as Regional Vice President for the Greater Washington Metropolitan Police Boys and Girls Clubs and he was previously the “Drug Czar” for the City of Annapolis, MD.

Her youngest son, Messiah received the 1999 Emerging Leader Award from the National Institute for Caribbean Studies. His achievement as Youth of the Year for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, advanced him to a spotlight on Oprah where his accomplishments were celebrated and he was awarded a $25,000 scholarship from Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network. He graduated in May 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Howard University's John H. Johnson School of Communications.

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