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NEW MUSIC, NEW VOICE, NEW DAY!Washington, DC – June  2007 

Queen Ayacodobae (I-YA-SUE-DOE-BET') and her Earth Blessings Royal Court Orchestra are about to set sail with their new CD release, “Ancestors Calling” produced in Kingston, Jamaica.  As citizens across the world dream of a cleaner, greener, more peaceful environment, Queen responds to globalization and focuses on solutions.  She says, “Ancestors are calling us to purify, put an end to wars and consciously clean up our environment to make a brighter future for ourselves and our children.”  Her lyrics speak to universal love. Queen passionately states, “It is the lack of love and appreciation for Mother Earth that is causing unnecessary wars between man and nature.”

Queen has mystified audiences in London, England; Beijing and Hong Kong, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rome, Italy; Jamaica, West Indies and the US.  She recently made a triumphant appearance at the Adornment London Expo in Battersea Park, where she rendered a combination of African opera and exotic bird calls from her new CD.  As a result, Queen landed a live interview on London radio featuring songs her new CD, “Ancestors Calling”.

She wrote, composed and collaborated to bring love to life with songs like the title tune, “Ancestors Calling”, “Don’t Stop the Reggae” and “Love Yourself Some More”.  Her lyrics possess a magic that soothes the soul and ignites the spirit.  On “Don’t You Want To Live” she croons, “Living is giving…if you know what I mean” and on “Ancestors Calling”, she belts “Screams from the Ocean floors saying, ‘we can’t take no more wars’”.  On “Don’t Stop the Reggae, she sings “Music that is good for your soul, music gives you self control. Music is so divine…Music that brings out the best in you. Music that is real and true. Reggae music takes over your mind…Don’t Stop the Reggae”. While encouraging moral integrity and respect, Queen’s lyrics and musical entourage set sail to empower, uplift and penetrate the hearts of people in Jamaica and throughout the world.

Queen Ayacodobae and her Earth Blessings Royal Court Orchestra will cruise the globe bringing wave upon wave of rock, funk, hip hop, reggae, jazz and opera.  After all, music is the universal language and this new CD speaks the language that we all understand - Peace, Love and Harmony.

In addition to her band members in Chicago, Illinois, Queen Ayacodobae has recruited star Jamaican musicians including saxophonist Dean Fraser, acoustic guitarist Winston “Bo Peep” Bowen, lead guitarist Louis “Farmer” Christie, bassist Danny “Axeman” Thompson, drummers Kirk Bennett, Demar Gayle and Anthony Watson. Ervin “Alla” Lloyd and Carol “Bowie” McLaughlin are on keyboards. This unstoppable combination is a true tour de force.

So we invite you to get aboard the ship and explore the undeniable audible pleasure of Queen Ayacodobae and her Earth Blessings Royal Court Orchestra’s dynamic new release, “Ancestors Calling”, A true evolution of Love in its highest form. To sample CD and hear live radio interview in UK, visit www.myspace.com/queenayacodobae2 and


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