QUEEN AYACODOBAE will fill your heart, mind, body and soul with her...

QUEEN AYACODOBAE was invited to China to participate in the Third Chinese World Music Conference...

QUEEN AYACODOBAE, using the rare essence of her total being, this spectacular artists...

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Special Projects

Operation Bootstraps
Academic Re-Motivational Training for Exceptional Youth

Operation Bootstraps - Academic Re-Motivational Training is a Youth Empowerment and Self Reliance Program developed for all youth, with emphasis on students who are academically and socially challenged. It is designed to raise the student's level of consciousness through group and individual counseling, individualized academic curricula, social and exploration, and reassurances of self confidence and family sharing of values. This program will definitely be of aid to educators in their quest to teach and assist students in meeting educational requirements.

Clean Green Tour

The Clean Green Tour emphasizes the need for a cleaner, greener, more peaceful environment. Earth Blessings, Inc./Three-Way Handshake: School, Family and Community Involvement is a community based organization that provides Educational Entertainment, “Ways to actually enjoy learning.”  Our interests are to put an end to war and consciously clean up our environment to make a brighter future for our children, ourselves, and the Earth.  It is our responsibility to care for the earth and its inhabitants. We have enough information and resources to create positive energy for whatever task we decide to undertake.  We must join forces to save innocent men, women, children, and wildlife, uphold civil societies in support of life and liberty, strengthen the bonds of our families, and preserve the natural beauty and integrity of the Earth.  Earth Blessings, Inc. implores the world community to unite in this celebration of life, The Clean Green Tour, and facilitate the involvement of schools, families and communities in upholding these responsibilities.  The Clean Green Tour needs your support!

CD Release: July 2007
Ancestors Calling"

Queen Ayacodobae & her Earth Blessings Royal Court Orchestra are about to
set sail with their new CD release, “Ancestors Calling” produced in
Kingston, Jamaica. It’s new music with a new voice for a new day. As citizens
across the world dream of a cleaner, greener, more peaceful environment,
Queen responds to globalization and focuses on solutions. She says,
“Ancestors are calling us to purify, put an end to wars and consciously clean
up our environment to make a brighter future for ourselves and our children.”
Her lyrics speak to universal love. Queen passionately states, “It is the lack of
love and appreciation for Mother Earth that is causing unnecessary wars
between man and nature.”

Queen Ayacodobae and her Earth Blessings Royal Court Orchestra will cruise
the globe bringing wave upon wave of rock, funk, hip hop, reggae, jazz and
opera. After all music is the universal language and this new CD speaks the
language that we all understand - Peace, Love and Harmony.

From Neqular One

Queen and friends have written this science fiction story about a woman who comes to earth from another galaxy with enormous supernatural powers. She uses her powers to help put an end to the hate that is destroying the earth and all of its habitants. The book will be published by a New York publishing company in April 2005.

Sporty For President
“Let’s put a real dog in the White House”

This is a children’s book written by Queen to also be published this year. It is story about her Jack Russell/Beagle who plays soccer, marbles, sings opera and collects and pushes bricks and big rocks. He has a cabinet that includes a black cat and three other dogs that help him to run things at the White House when he is not busy meeting friends, entertaining crowds or playing soccer

Universal Woman’s Magazine

Queen along with her staff from Earth Blessings Inc., will be publishing a global magazine that presents articles, photos and real life stories from woman across the globe that have turned tragedy into triumph in a very big way.

“China on the Rise”

China on the Rise is the title of a song written by Queen in route on her first trip to China mainland. In this song, Queen portrays China’s strength in productivity, International investments, competitive sports, musical and cultural bonds and, excellence in the many skills of Chinese people as well as their rising popularity throughout the world. The song emphasizes places in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Xi’an. She will be returning to China mainland and Hong Kong to promote her new CD and one of her company’s international cultural exchange programs with friends and colleagues already waiting to assist her in China.

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