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Rootz Reggae and Kulcha Magazine, Vol. 7 #2
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

QUEEN AYACODOBAE (I-YA-SU-DO-BET), international musician, composer, recording artist, and lead vocalist for Earth Blessings Royal Court Orchestra of Chicago, Illinois, US, is expected to be joining the Penetrators ot Kingston,
Jamaica this summer. They will be touring Jamaica and neighboring islands, then headed to the UK, South Africa and Japan. Although Queen hails from the Washington, DC area, her strong heritage from the Zulu Nation of South Africa dominate her musical experience and she has devised a soulful blend of African and Reggae music to penetrate the world music industry. Queen and the Penetrators are raising the level of consciousness in Rootz Reggae with funky African Reggae rhythms designed for hard core partying while encouraging moral integrity and respect by using positive lyrics.

Queen is dedicating her brand new album to Robert Nesta Marley, the original Wallers, and all they stood for in music and humanity. Queen just completed producing her CD with one of the best engineers in Jamaica, Delroy Harrison aka "Dr. Marshall the Magician" at Anchor Recording Company. The new CD entitled
"Don't Stop The Reggae" will include tracks with Queen together with Buju Banton, Ritchie Stephens, guitarist Louis "Farmer "Christie, among a host of other well-known Jamaican artists. "Don't Stop The Reggae" is bringing her message, the Rastarian message of "Peace and Love" to the people. With positive messages, original music and universal sound and culturally refreshing attire. Queen Ayacodobae and the Penetrators are coming at you live and direct with a message of hope to empower and uplift people around the globe.

Queen has performed live with some ot the world's greatest entertainers including South African horn player Hugh Masekela, Nigerian guitarist King Sunny Ade and South African vocalist and composer Letta Mbulu and has been produced by all time favorite. Harry Belafonte. On one of her recent 2004 trips toJamaica, Queen backed by legendary poet and DJ, Mutabaruka, graced Week Enz, a fashionable club in Kingston, with live performances while recording her new album.

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